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Feb 24, 2021

Portugal. The Man is a Grammy-winning band that fuses elements of psychedelia and classic rock, with a dash of modern pop and a willingness to experiment, and founding member and bassist, Zachary Carothers, isn’t shy to admit it was all a bit of a fluke at first.  

Not ones to shy away from speaking their mind, both on and off their records, their last album was responsible for a song that became omnipresent the world over (“Feel It Still”) and became such an earworm, you never got tired of hearing it.

From growing up in Alaska, to the effect of moving to Portland on the band’s trajectory, to falling in love with South Africa after their 2015 tour opened their eyes to the beauty of the country, Zach speaks candidly about all the places he’s been and the places he’s planning on going as he’s getting older.

Outro Song:

Who’s Gonna Stop Me - Portugal. The Man feat. Weird Al Apple Music Spotify YouTube 


Set List:


Air Balloons - PTM Website

Do You - Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Number One - Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Creep in a T-Shirt - Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Feel it Still - Apple Music Spotify YouTube


A massive shout out to Portugal. The Man for the generous use of their music in bringing this podcast to life.



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