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Dec 13, 2020

Here at Texx Talks, we constantly strive to spotlight authentic music trailblazers, which is why we’re stoked to have Texx Talks styled by Ray-Ban this summer, helping us in our pursuit of featuring artists who aren’t afraid to be their authentic selves.

That’s why at Texx Talks, we couldn’t be happier or...

Nov 11, 2020

PHFAT (real name Mike Zietsman) is a rapper and producer, who has held the attention of audiences in South Africa, and around the world, for almost a decade with his versatile discography and consistent touring schedule. 

Establishing himself as a commercial heavyweight early on in his career – it’s been his darker...

May 6, 2020

Alice Phoebe Lou is a proudly independent singer-songwriter whose creative confidence shines courtesy of her captivating vocals and stripped back compositions.


Having developed her bluesy, folk sound busking on the streets of Berlin, she has caught the ears of a community of music lovers the world over with her...