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Sep 14, 2022

Kay Faith has established herself as the go-to producer for South Africa’s premier rappers and her long-awaited debut album sees her embrace seemingly conflicting elements to create a finely tuned body of work.

And having joined the line-up for this year’s Johnnie Walker Rocking The Daisies, we’re all frothing in anticipation for what is guaranteed to be a face melting set.

From growing up in rural Knysna to chatting her favourite song off her new album, Kay has the ear to dissect a hit and the sense to A&R its success. 


Set List:

Top 10 feat. Kashcpt, Hanna, Holy Alpha, Owethu - Apple music

Proudly Captonian feat. E-JayCPT, YoungstaCPT - Apple Music

Shark Week feat. Maglera Doe Boy - Apple Music 


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