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Mar 16, 2022

Throughout his career, rapper YoungstaCPT has fused local slang with socially-conscious content and his experiences growing up in the Mother City (Cape Town, South Africa). From switching between nods to local hip hop heroes and American West Coast icons, his music spans eras and geographies and it’s taken us eight seasons to get him here, but we never stopped trying.


YoungstaCPT is a continuation of a rich and diverse culture in Cape Town, the birthplace of South African Hip hop culture. Committed to a telling of a lived experience of struggle in the past, present and future, YoungstaCPT exists only to be a custodian of a proud tradition and add to the mythos of the legends that have come before him. 


Outro: Hometown Advantage feat. The Big Hash- Apple Music


Set List:


Salutas - Apple Music

Cape of Good Hope - Apple Music


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