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Mar 27, 2022

Over at Texx Talks, we get a huge number of artists reaching out to us to highlight their amazing content, and because we plan our seasons quite far in advance, we often can’t accommodate requests to spotlight some of the amazing “up and coming” talent South Africa, Africa and the world has to offer. And so we started Texx Talks Xxtra.


Texx Talks Xxtra has gone on to become its own beast and thanks to all of your support, we are super excited to announce that our friends in the culture, Puma, have stepped up to collaborate with us for this next season of Texx Talks Xxtra,


This time around we have one half of an alternative pop duo whose rich discography is matched only by their enigmatic and memorable live shows. 


We are of course talking about Lo-ghost and Texx is joined by Shannon Devy. 


We are stoked to be collaborating with Puma again and can’t wait to bring you only the freshest content on Texx Talks Xxtra including all the happenings in the land of Puma for 2022, whether it’s their latest collab, #SelectSessions, #SuedeSundays or just a reminder that #SheMovesUs. Catch all the drops on @pumasouthafrica on IG or wherever you follow the iconic cat.


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