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Aug 2, 2021

To celebrate the launch of Radisson Red Rosebank, Texx Talks has teamed up with the Radisson Group to spotlight four individuals that represent their four pillars of art, music, design and fashion.


First up is Usha Seejarim, who designed the giant pair of red angel wings that sit at the entrance of the Radisson Red Rosebank. She is best known for her reinterpretation of ordinary and domestic objects, making use of everyday items like safety pins, wooden pegs, irons and brooms, giving her work a distinctly Dadaist influence.


Radisson Red presents a playful twist on the conventional, and the latest edition to their family is Radisson Red Rosebank in Johannesburg, a super slick hotel in the beating heart of Johannesburg’s “Art Mile”


Radisson Red gives you the chance to tune in and out, switching effortlessly between business and pleasure, and in this special four-part series, I’ll be highlighting 4 individuals that represent Radisson Red’s 4 pillars, through art, music, design and fashion.  


Be sure to check out Radisson RED Rosebank, Johannesburg at and across all social platforms @radissonredrosebank  


Or if you’re in the Rosebank area, why not take a stroll past Radisson RED and snap your own selfie in front of their statement red angel wings - everyone’s welcome!


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