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Aug 19, 2020

Msaki is a singer and songwriter whose deeply soulful vocals and lyrics carry profound messages that resonate with everyone who’s had the pleasure of hearing her sing and seeing her perform.

This Eastern Cape-born musician has created songs that combine soulful folk with symphonic movements, Xhosa lyrics with African poly-rhythms and her raw delivery disrupts your senses as she sings of love and loss, and home and hope. 

From speaking about being an advocate for change, to her collaboration on some of SA’s most beloved house tracks, Msaki is undeniably one of the most important modern voices to put thought to bars.

Outro Song: “Blood, Guns and Revolutions”  Apple Music

Featured tracks:

Ubomi Abumanga -  Sun el Musician feat. Msaki Apple Music 

Love Colour Spin - Moby Dixon feat. Msaki  Apple Music

Fetch Your Life - Prince Kaybee feat. Msaki  Apple Music

Pearls to Swine - Msaki feat.Tresor Apple Music

limfama Ziyabona - Msaki YouTube


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