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May 19, 2021

Judith Sephuma is the undisputed queen of Afro Jazz, a prolific and versatile singer with multiple platinum selling albums to her name since she stepped into the music game. 


Her soft and sultry timbre has dominated airwaves for close to two decades and she continues to impress with her ability to adapt to the changing face of the music industry, and is fully on top of social trends one engaging Instagram post at a time. 


From an early age Judith knew that she was destined to be a star. From her formative years at the University of Cape Town to performing for Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan, Judith has always had a sense of purpose and irrepressibly curious nature that is inspiring to say the very least. 

OUTRO TRACK: A Cry, A Smile, A Dance Apple Music Spotify YouTube


Set List: 


I Remember- Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Iya Iyo- Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Ask Me who I Am- Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Tshiwana- Apple Music Spotify YouTube

Strong Girl-  YouTube

Neither One of Us- Apple Music Spotify YouTube


Massive shout out to Judith Sephuma and Sony for the time to chat and the generous use of their music. 


This season we are proud to be collaborating with Puma, our firm friends in championing the culture. Puma has been at the vanguard of so many awesome happenings over the last decade, so it was only natural that we joined forces with them to keep you in the loop with all the scene happenings. 


From their inspiring SELECT SESSIONS and SELECT STORIES, to their cutting edge unique collabs and the many more that they have in the pipeline, rest assured that this Season we’ll be bringing you all the breaking Puma news, hot off the press. With a sneaky giveaway or two thrown in for good measure. 


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