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Aug 4, 2021

Rouge is one of the most beloved and technically adept rappers in the country, who sits atop the hip hop heap and exudes a self-confidence that’s bold and tangible.


This multi-award winner has given us insights into her anxieties, ambitions and musical journey through her music, all while being her own biggest champion and blazing her own path.


From theatre ambitions to harnessing her innate lyrical talent, Rouge is an uncompromising voice of truth in an industry that is not ready for the estrogen revolution.  


Outro Song: W.A.G Apple Music


Set List: 


Party - Apple Music

Popular (Remix) - Apple Music

Celebrity - Apple Music 

No Pressure - Apple Music

Dololo feat Bigstar Johson and GingerMac - Apple Music

No Strings - Apple Music

Simon Says feat. KLY Shasha - Apple Music

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