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Dec 8, 2021

Our Season has come to an end and while the team is taking a well-earned break, I want to highlight just one more episode that I can’t get enough of. My interview with James Blake was sort of a bucket list one for me and he also exemplifies what it means to be one’s truest self and live life unapologetically saying: YouAreOn


Ray-Ban is your reflection in the mirror of your truest self, it is the shade on a hot summer’s day, it is your own focus through any spotlight that may be on you. Together, Texx Talks and Ray-Ban are saying: you got a challenge for us? YouAreOn


You can’t predict the light. But with Texx Talks and Ray-Ban you are always ready to capture it by living each day in the moment. YouAreOn. 


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James Blake is a man who has gripped an entire generation with his melodic prowess and lyrical aptitude, making music that is steeped in an EQ that few of his contemporaries can match. 


We love him here in South Africa and every time he goes live on Instagram we make up 90% of his audience and drop highly inappropriate, but always hilarious comments to show him just how much we love his singularly unique sound. 


Tecla chats to James Blake ahead of our four year wait for his new album, Friends That Break Your Heart, about dog training, how to get by in a lockdown, and why going blonde isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and much more!


Set List: 


We Might Feel Unsound - Apple Music

Love What Happened There - Apple Music

Say What You Will - Apple Music

Godspeed - Apple Music


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