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Oct 27, 2021

Armand Joubert is a five octave range singer who we just can’t get enough of lately. 


After featuring him in Texx and the City’s pride campaign called #SpheresOfQueer, and working with him on introducing a new 1More product into the market, we’ve gravitated towards his creative energy and larger-than-life persona and it’s been a real treat to watch his career unfold in front of our eyes as he flexes a work ethic that that would put even the most diligent to shame. 


Having to overcome relentless bullying because of his unique talents, Armand has gone on to embrace his natural gift, and thrive, whilst possessing a relentless drive for creative growth. Don’t get too close, this fire burns!


Outro Track: Am I Really What You Want - Apple Music


Set List:


Tell Me Now - Apple Music

Look At Me Now - Apple Music

Should I - Apple Music

By My Side - Apple Music


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